Basic School 2-65 Class Reunion 

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Bob Prall's Story

Bob Prall’s Story

I was selected to be an artillery advisor and was sent to Vietnam attached to MACV.  I had attended the United States Army Special Warfare School at Fort Bragg.

I arrived in Vietnam early May 1966. I reported to the MACV headquarters in Saigon, and was told to report to the Senior Advisor in I Corp who was located in Quang Ngai. When I arrived in Quang Ngai, I met the OIC, an Army Colonel who was in my special warfare class at Fort Bragg. He informed me there were no artillery billets available, and knowing I had infantry training, was sending me to a small advisory team in the Hamlet of Thang Binh. It was located about 28 kilometers south of Danang. I spent the next 5 months working with my Vietnamese counterparts and the regional and popular forces assigned to him. Eating local food was a challenge; I lost 46 pounds due to the worms I had gotten. It was a very interesting assignment and one I never thought I would get through.

A senior officer in the Marine Corps became aware that I was assigned to MACV and not being used in my primary MOS. He ordered me out of the advisory team and I was transferred to an 8 inch howitzer battery in Chu Lai. I can’t tell you how pleased I was to be back with a regular Marine Corps unit, eating good food and feeling a lot more secure being around the other Marines. I commanded an 8 inch howitzer platoon for the remainder of my time in Vietnam.  I suffered a non-combat injury and was sent back to the States for a knee operation in February 1967.

As mentioned in my profile, the worst day I had (and there were many bad days) was learning of the death of my good friend Doug O’Donnell.  Doug was also in TBS 2-65 4th platoon.  We became very close as we were both assigned to Camp Lejeune after the TBS. Doug was a great person, a great family man, and a great Marine.

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