Basic School Class 2-65 New Orleans 2019 Reunion

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Bud's Story

Date: January 22, 2013

The report to the Basic School Class 2-65 of the meeting with our classmate Bud Hay, RIO (Radar Intercept Officer), F-4’s:

Location: Sometime in the year 1967 (I think), Chu Lai, RVN:

It was about 16:30 (4:30 in the afternoon for those of you who have forgotten), when I walked into the MAG-13 O-Club and observed Bud Hay sitting at the bar. The place was empty except for Bud.

I walked up to him and stated: Hi Bud…how was your day?

His response:

We launched on an air support mission this morning.

We made a bomb run and came off the target…but we lost all power.

There was a ridgeline directly ahead of us and we thought we could make it over but the bottom of our F-4 slammed into the top of the ridgeline and we flew off the other side of the ridge.

I ejected when we were up-side-down… I took one swing on my chute and was on the ground.

I radioed for help and was told that a chopper was on the way.

After awhile I had a chopper in sight…and as he was making an approach, two 50 cal. guns opened up on him. I was stuck between two emplacements about 100 yds. apart.

Those guns had to be taken out before I could be extracted and I had to direct Marine, Navy, and Air Force fixed wing aircraft to eliminate the 50 cals. At one time, I had to tell the Air Force driver not to drop since I was at his 12…

After a number of runs, the chopper was able to get in and get me out of there.

They took me to the Med at Danang, checked me out, and sent me back to Chu Lai.

I got off the plane, checked in my gear, went to the club, sat down, ordered a beer, and you walked up and asked “How was your day?”

P.S. While reading the book “Impact Zone” by Jim Brown, I came upon a picture of Bud as a FAC with ground unit sometime after the above stated event…some people are luckier than others!!!

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