Basic School Class 2-65 New Orleans 2019 Reunion

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Gordon MacPhee

Name: Gordon MacPhee
Address: 7353 Kerry Hill
City:  Columbia
Zip Code:                              21045
State: MD
Evening Phone:   410-290-8014
Email Address:
Vietnam Tour:                 3rd
Unit Attached To:  3502
Rank:                                     Captain
Vietnam Tour Dates: May, 65 - June 66
Units Attached To: 1/4
Locations in Vietnam: Chulai, Phubai
Medals Received: Vietnam Service
Best Experiences: Co of a Reserve Unit, Charleston, WV
Worst Experiences:               Laying in a foxhole taking mortar fire
Employment Experience          
After USMC: Property Manager
Wife's Name: Carole
Children's Name: Nick, Lisa, Mike Greg
I am really looking forward to this reunion. I have attended 3 reunions of the 1st Marine Brigade (Pineapple Marines) and really enjoyed seeing the men I served with.
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