Basic School Class 2-65 New Orleans 2019 Reunion

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Jeffrey Banks

Name: Jeffrey Banks
Address: 5995 Morrow-Rossburg Rd.
City:  Morrow
Zip Code: 29036
State:                                     OH
Evening Phone:  513-899-2210 (Day)
Email Address:
Vietnam Tour: 1st
Unit Attached To:                 3002
Rank: Captain
Vietnam Tour Dates:             4-66 to 7-67
Units Attached To:               H&MS-13, MAG-13
Locations in Vietnam: Chu Lai
Medals Received: Standard Issue
Best Experiences: All those with whom I served.
Worst Experience: All those other things...don't get me started!
Employment Experience 
After USMC: JD & Business
Wife's Name:
Children's Name: Kelly, Jeffrey II, Erin
Comments: Jeff Banks in 2012 on Left below show with Sgt. Terry Whitford first meeting since 1967 in Chu Lai
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