Basic School Class 2-65 New Orleans 2019 Reunion

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Kevin Gallagher

Name: Kevin Gallagher
Address: 24811 Via San Fernando
City:  Mission Viego
Zip Code: 92692
State: CA
Evening Phone:                    714 368-1421
Email Address:
Vietnam Tour:                      2nd
Unit Attached To:  7002
Rank:                                    Captain
Vietnam Tour Dates: N/A
Units Attached To: MWSG 37, MABS 37
Locations in Vietnam: N/A
Medals Received:                  N/A
Best Experiences:
Being sworn in, (commissioned) by General Krulack, "The Brute". We were the same size, and he said to me in a side mouth, soft voice whisper "It's nice to look a Marine in the eyes without having to turn my head up." True Story
Worst Experiences:
Falling off a bar stool at the Sandpier Saloon in Laguna Beach
Employment Experience          
After USMC:                         
Trial attorney. Still at it. Keeps me off the streets and out of the saloons.
Wife's Name: Louise
Children's Name: Kevin, Sean, Kathryn
Upon reflection, I am humbled to have been allowed to be a member of one of the most august organizations in the history of civilization. Thank You and Semper Fi.

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