Basic School Class 2-65 New Orleans 2019 Reunion

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Roger Stebleton

Name: Roger V. Stebleton
Address: P.O Box 9539
City:  San Diego
Zip Code: 92169
State: CA
Evening Phone:                    619-921-4333
Email Address:
Vietnam Tour:                       Sixth (6)
Unit Attached To:  0302
Rank:                                     Captain
Vietnam Tour Dates: 9-65 to 8-66
Units Attached To: C-Co-3-9-3rd Mar Div: Base Legal, Camp Pendleton
Locations in Vietnam: Danang South
Medals Received:                  Purples-2
Best Experiences: Served with the best
Worst Experiences: Having seen some of the best not make  it
Employment Experience          
After USMC:                          Lawyer
Wife's Name: Pat
Children's Name: N/A
Comments: Retired from Law; Currently Real Estate Broker

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