Basic School 2-65 Class Reunion 

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War Stories

We encourage everyone to submit a war story. If you like to submit one, please email Jim Gordon at with a Word Document attached.

Terry DeLong's Story
By: Terry DeLong

Lt. Bud Hay TBS 2nd Plt

Bud's Story

The Story of LtCol. Charles Black
 Charles Black Executive Officer TBS 2-65

Phil Harris TBS 2nd Plt

Phil Harris' Story

John Sayer's Story
By: John Scarsella

Carson Culler's Story
By: Paul Fratarangelo

Bob Prall's Story
By: Bob Prall

George Sandstrom's Story
By: George Sandstrom

Jack Cassidy's Story
By: Jack Cassidy

Bill Smith's Story
By: Bill Smith

Bob James' Story
By: Bob James

Paul Cali's Story
By: Paul Cali

The Story of a Marine...Captain James Ragsdale
By: Jim Gordon and Jeff Banks

TBS Football and Colonel Platt
By: Richard Willich

Operational Control of Marine TACAIR
By: Paul Fratarangelo

Jimmie Patrick's Story
By: Jimmie Patrick

Tom Holden's Story
By: Larry Young

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