Basic School Class 2-65 New Orleans 2019 Reunion

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KIA/MIA Viet Nam 1965-1969

2nd Platoon

Major Jim Egan  January 1966 MIA
Mountainside, N.J.

Capt. David Federick  July 1967 KIA
Columbus, Ohio

3rd Platoon

Lt. Philip Hines, July 1966 KIA
Galena, KS

Capt. John Hurst, July 1968 KIA
Lufkin, Texas

Lt. Glenn Insprucker, September 1966 KIA
Glendale, CA

4th Platoon

Lt. Douglas O'Donnell, October 1966 KIA
Washington, D.C.

Lt. William Mullins, October 1967 KIA

Short Hills, N.J.

Capt Richard Sasek July 1967 KIA TBS 4th Platoon CDR
Topeka, KS

5th Platoon

Major David Richtsteig, December 1965 MIA
Cedar City, UT

Lt. John Sayer, December 1966 KIA
Watertown, NY

Lt. Adam Simpson, October 1965 KIA
 Port Arthur, TX
Capt. Ralph Hines February 1967 TBS 5th Platoon CDR
Springfield, Mass.

Capt. Ralph Hines 1966 KIA TBS 5th Platoon Commander

6th Platoon

Lt. Francis Zavacki KIA/MIA
Wyoming, PA

Capt. Sasek KIA by a direct hit on his bunker while serving as Commanding Officer D CO, 1st BN, 9th Marines " A Natural Leader whose fighting spirit we all admired" Cpl Ricardo Figueroa. Captain Sasek was awarded the Silver Star and was the Commander of the 4th platoon TBS 2-65


Captain Jim Egan in January 1966 as a FO with 3/12 was attached to a patrol which was ambushed near Quang Ngai in South Vietnam.  He became seperated from the patrol during the ambush and was later declared MIA. 2nd Platoon TBS 2-65
"Thank you for all you did in your lifetime.  I am very proud of your bravery and courage.  I hope you are in heaven because of who you are".  Teague Egan

Lt. John Sayer was KIA in December 1966 as an infantry officer with M CO, 3/3 by friendly fire in Quan Tri Province.  5th Platoon TBS 2-65

Capt. John Hurst was KIA as a pilot with VMFA-115 in 1968. His F-4 aircraft was hit by ground fire on a close air support mission.  3rd Platoon TBS 2-65

Capt Dave Frederick was KIA in July 1967 while serving as a pilot with HMM-164, MAG-16.  Incident happened in Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam. 2nd Platoon TBS 2-65

Lt Glenn Insprucker killed in action as infantry officer with 1st Bn 26th Marines in September 1966 Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam. 3rd Platoon TBS 2-65

Lt. Philip Hines killed in action as an infantry officer with 3rd BN 1st Marines in July 1966 Quang Ngai Province, South Vietnam. 3rd Platoon TBS 2-65

Lt. Francia Zavacki killed in action as an infantry officer with 2nd BN 4th Marines November 1969 Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam.  6th Platoon TBS 2-65

Lt. David Richtseig was an artilley officer with C BTRY 1st BN, 12th Marines
and was missing in action in December 1965 Quan Tin Province. He was a member of the 5th platoon TBS 2-65

Capt. Ralph Hines was Commanding Officer of I Company 3rd BN, 26th Marines and was mortally wounded by a land mine while leading a platoon of his company which ambushed an enemy unit inflicting heavy casualties and capturing the enemy commander.
Capt. Hines was the Platoon Commander of the 5th Plt. TBS 2-65.

Lt. Adam Simpson was an infantry officer with 3rd BN, 9th Marines when he was killed in action in October 1965 in Quang Nam province, South Viet Nam.  He was a member of the 5th platoon TBS 2-65.
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